Themra Epimedium Macun 12g Sachet


The Benefits of Epimedium Macun 

There are so many benefits of using this Turkish imported epimedium macun in Pakistan. Here we go!

It increases sexual lust and desires.

It makes you horny with just a lick of one teaspoon.

It can make your partner satisfied during intercourse.

It enhances the strong erection of masculinity and delays ejaculation.

It increases sperm count and improves fertilization.

It also prolongs the intercourse duration.

How to Use

If you are concerned about the use of Epimedium Macun sachet, you need to consume it empty stomach. Make sure, you eat 2 hrs before intercourse to see its lasting effects. It reduces anxiety and improves blood circulation, enhancing performance, especially if you eat an empty stomach. Further, it can last up to 48 hours, so you may take it three times a week.


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